About Quintescents

Quintescents is a creative fragrance company with the vision and technical know-how to effectively capture the essence of a person, product or brand. Quintescents pride themselves on their ability to create evocative, memorable perfumes from a thought, concept or idea.

From its inception, Quintescents has grown into a thriving company, supplying an ever increasing diversity of fragrances for a broad client base throughout Australia and internationally.

Success has been founded on a simple philosophy: combine people who know the business with the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment. The result is fragrances that have the capacity to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a marketable, cost-effective reality. This may require creating a fragrance, replicating a fragrance or basing a fragrance on a client's concept.

Whatever the starting point, the Quintescents team works in collaboration with clients. This ensures that a fragrance is developed that supports their brand concept, image, application, functionality and is suitable for their demographic market - helping to ensure the success of their product.

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